Welcome to Sales School 2012

Hello all parents, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends and other supporters. This blog will be about the summer of 2012.

Our goal is to help you understand a little bit better what and how they are doing. And also to help you see how they are doing through their summer program.

We will update this page couple times a week with news from the bookfield (“turf” as we call it). These will typically be written by Student Managers or Organizational Leaders (the experienced booksellers). They will send these to us, and we in Nasvhille will update the blog.

We will also upload photos and videos of the summer and from Sunday meetings and fun cultural activities students from unity will be having.

You will also see their results. Students get really competitive while selling books and want to be in the top. The rankings in sales, customers and work statistics will be updated every week.

Andres Märtin, Veiko Tell, Kertu Märtin

District Sales Managers,

Unity Group