Sales School schedule 2012

Albi’s org practicing

In this post we will talk a little bit about sales school schedule.

Most students arrive to Nashville friday or saturday. The usually get in in the evening, and take a shuttle or taxi from airport to the company. It is only about 10 minute drive. Students stay in hotels for the duration of the training, usually 4 to a room, boys with boys, girls with girls.

Fireside chat with Chris

The first two days – saturday and sunday – are most peaceful. We do not have training meetings yet, isntead students practice with each other, do shopping for the week (usually sandwich stuff, apples, granola bars, etc), get a tour of the company, etc. The sun is usually much hotter than in home country, so they apply lots of sunscreen and drink a lot of water. Because of the time difference (+8 hrs) it is usually pretty easy to get up, but evenings are tough – you can get sleepy.

Monday – Thursday are the days when most of the training is done. Students jump out of bed 6am, take a cold (or warm – water here is not that cold!) shower, get some food from the hotel and get on buses. Because we have more than 500 students here this week, and SW company auditorium only fits around 300 people, Sales School will be held at a different location. This year it is in TSU – Tennessee State University. It is about 30 minute drive from hotel. Students leave to TSU around 7am, they pack their lunch and take their bookbag with them.

Students listeningto advanced sales ideas

Meetings usually last from 8am to 2pm. There are several breaks during which they practice their salestalks with others. Meetings cover everything from how to approach customers, how to present the books to how to manage paperwork. It is really intense, a lot of material gets covered in short time. Students also have time to ask questions from their Organizational Leaders and Student Managers in the afternoon.

From 2pm to 6pm students practice outside. They either learn approach (the knocking on the door part) or some other part of sales talk. There are plenty of breaks to get water and apply sunscreen.

Aurimas’ org eating together at evening meeting

Evening time is for org meeting – the people who work in one area get together and the Student Managers answer any questions they have from this day. They also bond the org together – people share their reasons for doing this program, talk about their goals, set competitions, etc. We leave TSU at 8 and bedtime is 10.30 pm. The org usually eats together. And after long practice day everyone is hungry!

Thursday will be the last day of Sales School. Most people will leave to their area on Friday. They stay in motels for 2 or 3 days and fter that they will be moving in to their HQ, getting bank accounts and permits ready and even doing a little bit of selling. On monday everyone will have a meeting and people start selling from tuesday.