Student Managers and Org Leaders 2012

In this post I wanted to talk about SMs (Student Managers) and OLs (Organizational Leaders). In the summertime students work in organizations. These are usually around 12 people (sometimes as little as 5, sometimes as many as 30). Each organization has some experienced people and some first timers in it. The way people are divided into groups depends on the teams. Some SMs might have 5 people on their team, while others might have only 1 or 2. We always try to put together organizations so that they would be about the same size and that each organization would have 1 manager per 3-4 FYs. So an average org has 3-4 SMs and 7-8 FYs.

Example of HQs in Texas in 2011

People are then paired up (guys-guys; girls-girls) in HQs (headquarters). Each HQ has their own sales territory. In the summertime people sometimes work together with manager (they follow them around for a day to watch and learn). Because of this we try to put org into territory in a way that SMs would be scattered around, so it is easy for them to pick up someone with their car. Sms usually either buy or rent a car to get around and go to sunday meetings. FYs (First years) usually just bicycle around.

The org leaders are most experienced SMs. They have been trained by the Southwestern Company to lead an organization in the summertime. Their responsibility is to make sure all the things in their organization are running smoothly. They work out the territory for each person, lead the training in Sales School, manage organizations statistics and work with people if they have any trouble. The OL position is  probably the toughest in the SW program, but it is also very rewarding and teaches one a lot. This year we have 20 orgs in our UNITY group and a total of 57 in E1 (UNITY is a part of E1 group).

Below is a photo of all the OLS.

Unity Organizational Leaders for 2012


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