Summer turf 2012

Hey all

The word turf means territory, or sales area, in our lingo. Right now all students who came through first sales school are on the field. For the first 3 days they all live in local motels. About 25% of the people already have housing finalized, another 25% has options which will need to be confirmed (families who want to  meet them and talk to them), rest are looking for places.

There are 3 great ways of looking a good place to stay. First one is through church – churches in USA have lot more people attending at they are a great place to meet new people. 2nd way is through alumni and previous host families. Sometimes we fail to catch them before the summer, and once we go to area we find them from the address list. Third way requires most work and students managers often like to do it. They go knocking on doors in the area where they would like to have HQ too. That takes most work, but also gives you more choices – you choose where you want to stay.

This summer we have organizations in about  a dozen states. Some span the whole state, some just use bits of it. As you can see from the map, some orgs have a big area, more than Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Others only have 10-20 square kilometres. Usually the bigger areas have much less people living in big towns and less dealers can work in one area. Other places like Chiago, Illinois, or Altanta, Georgia, take many more people.

The organizations in the southern part (Atlanta, Texas, Alabama, etc) will have hot weather and palm trees. The ones in the north will have rain and mosquitoes. And everyone will have enough doors to knock on.

After the weekend we will have more specific information about where exactly everyone will be living. We hope to post a lot of pictures of great HQs.

This year’s sales areas