Liisi’s org in S Carolina, 5th week

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And so the time flies! Already the end of 5th week.. And also the end of competition called pie-in-the-eye πŸ˜‰ So – whoever does the most sitdowns, gets to throw a true American pie into other person’s face. And it’s better to be agiver than receiver, though the pies are delicious. Out of our 3 managers Liisi won the competition and proved to be agreat OL; Triin beated Kaia this time, and Lagle got to throw the pie to Astrit’s face! But we all worked really hard!
Lagle also won our new award that has a new owner every week depending on the competition winner – a seahorse from our SkWids kids’ website characters’ crew and she won it for 11 customers! Kaia excelled with 11 customers also but Lagle improved the most, so she deserves it this time. Triin is a sitdown rapist as she likes to call it but she’s also very fun and makes us all laugh – work hard, play hard! Astrit tries to stay away from bruises this week and has a fighter’s attitude πŸ™‚
We are little trains that have just got moving – let’s do it!
Cheers from the coast of Atlantic ocean and keep it up! Your support means a lot to us! πŸ™‚