Mart Robeni org Georgias ja Floridas, 7 nädal

it’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote about our summer adventure.

a lot has happened.
some of our crew members had an awesome cultural experience cultivating an all-American bacterial culture in their stomachs. this resulted in various hilarious symptoms, including, but not limited to mild rectal hemorrhaging, which in turn resulted in some new and fascinating wildlife sightings.
we went to the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and as soon as Allan stepped in to the water you could see several inauspicious triangular dorsal fins steering closer – probably drawn by the smell of fresh blood in the water. it was only several hours later when we found out that these were dolphins, not sharks. credit must be given to all the guys though for maintaining proper poker faces in a moment of (false) potential imminent perishing.
included are a couple of pictures of some fine young men (Remo-Joeorg-org-style this time).

Mart Roben.

P.S. the big house belongs to the family that we live with. i wish we could include it in our list of cultural experiences, but the host dad is of Italian descent – so nothing American to see here.