Mart Robeni orgi Georgias ja Floridas

we have had some wonderful cultural experiences – just today for example we went to explore the deep tropical forests of Georgia around Okefenokee swamp. we got to Stephen Foster national park that is located 20 miles from nearest point of civilization, rented two canoes and off we went. just like local native american tribes many years ago we got well acquainted with various forms of local wildlife, like butterflies, alligators and big scary spiders with striped legs. just like the youth of the ancient Okefenokee tribe hundreds of years ago, some of us weren’t really competent in handling the canoe. it resulted in a nasty wet experience for Mikk and Harry – not like the one they had at home the night before. (pictures included).
I had a chance to share some about Estonian culture with our host families grandma – she arrived yesterday from Washington. she managed to share much more about American culture with me though. she delights in a good conversation.
hope you’re doing good as well.
Mart Roben.