Allar Tederi org LAs – naljakad juhtumised I ja II nädalal

1. Week

  • Evald – met lots of interesting people this week. A couple of them were actors in Hollywood and showed me what roles they play in current tv shows.


  • Sander – I got bitten by 2 small dogs on one time, one i kicked with my leg the other with my map, and i got a sitdown. Also met a hillbilly who knew 3 streets kids on his head.


  • Reimo – it will be fun if you make it fun. This week i met babysitters, housesitters and dogsitters. One man wasn`t interested in my books, but started show me his own products – bibles. If mexicans can`t understand you – they nod they`re face and say „yes, yes“. Some guys offer you weed as well.


  • Evert – Mulle meeldib kirjutada Eesti keeles. Esimene nädal oli raske.  It was Hard! Naljakas lugu aga järgnev. Ronisin kõige kõrgema mäe otsa, mis LAs on, lootuses, et seal on peresid. Kui olin 1h järjest 40kraadisest mäest higimull otsa ees üles roninud, leidsin üleval olles naise. Naine vastas: siit sa küll ühtegi pere ei leia. Sellest hoolimata ikkagi otsisin ja kedagi ei leidnud. Mis seal ikka.  : D :/, Naersin ja veeresin mäest alla tagasi : D


  • Urmas- the most weird sitdown i had was with older asian guy, who said that he would buy the books if he can give me a blow job. And i had my first client…just kidding :D. I just left and warned the neighbours about overly friendly old man.

2. Week

  • Evert Eero – Awesome! It was someone around 07 PM and I was searching for prospect. There was a white house with a lot of noise in it. I knock and a girl opened. It was her birhtday and there were aroun 10 college girls. Before I started with my approach, someone at the back said: Ou, you called a strippar? :D:D, it was lot of fun and I leaved the house.


  • Sander Rikken – Käisin turfis kus oli palju murdvargusi olnud, siis sõimati mitu korda nägu täis ja 1 pere ajas taga tahtis politseid kutsuda.

Ratas varastati ära, collectisin 30 miniga uue, siis uuel kukkus sadul ja pidurid küljes, sain uue sadula ja lasin sellel klemmil kes ratta müüs uued pidurid panna.

Downi sündroomiga poiss viskas kausiga vett kaela


  • Urmas – Saturday started with very funny sentence „We don’t do education, we do drugs“.  One of the highschoolers yelled it from the house while i was doing doordemo to her mother. Then i just knew do that today is going to be great day.

Allar Teder org w02