Jana Schmidti org Oregonis



Week 2.


Hey guys! Our second week is already over and it was AWESOME! We worked really hard, gave our best and had so many funny things happening to us! We will give you a quick look what we did and what happened so you can keep yourselves up to date! J


Lee: The second week was even harder than the first one. All the days seemed longer and the hours went past so slowly. Every morning I thought the night will never come. But it did and I’m happy I managed to do this. Quite proud of myself as well. Now we just have to keep up the good work and everything else will come as well. This week I met lots of cool moms, one dog even bit me, but I’m still okay and working! It’s an awesome summer we’re having!


Liis: Hei, hei, hei. My second week is over and this week was better than first week. This week I didn’t cry, jeii. So I think this week was awesome, also all days were going by so quickly. I’m proud of  myself, because my attitude is better than in the first week and I’m singing all the day and saying something good for myself. Like song lyrics says: „ I don’t care, I LOVE IT“! Also I met a lot of cool families.  Every morning we go to breakfast place, eat delicious breakfast and talk with our managers. Also in the Sunday evening we had to clean all our room and cook our next week lunches, so we did it and we went to bed 22.00 (normal time would have been 18.00 J). So it was funny.

Katri: Hey you – our second week is over and it is getting better and better. I finally got a car and my legs are also better now J Yeah it was really hard to go back to the bookfield after having this accident but I did it and I am happy about that. I had lots of fun this week, for example there was a big house and the music was playing loudly and there was a cool motorcycle outside, so we thought with Jana that there could be a hot college guy or something 😀 but what happend? There were 3 about 12 years old „cool“ guys in very-very good mood and of course they were excited about beautiful european girls and they also said Jana that she has a really sexy accent. Well I wasn’t able to look at them because the whole thing was so funny 😀


Art-Mihkel: Hi! Sup? Now our second week is over. For me, it was hard, but it was also cool and awsome, because i got a lot of experience of selling and i met lots of rudes and also kind and helpful people. In this week, three families called me police, but that was okay. Police officers are nice guys. Yea, in this week there were tons of fun in every day.

Dawid: I had tons, tons, tons of fun, many, many, many funny situations. In the bookfiled I played the guitar (2 minutes-I couldn´t resist the temptation). I´ve been caught by rain many times. I got the invitation on Sunday`s dinner to share polish habits with locals. I had been usind my primitive ID card-piece of paper with my name. Miracle they didn´t call the police. I expect tons and tons and tons of fun in the next week on the bookfield!