Liisi Jantra’s org in California


We’re all doing well, working really hard and getting better and better every day. Last Sunday we had a meeting and then went to an American car show. The Americans love big and fancy cars and it was fun to take a look at them. They even let us take photos with them! People are really friendly here and we’ve met so many fun families! Our job is never boring – you never know who’s behind the next door!
We’ve had a really busy week. Some of us have already found lovely host families! California is perfect! The weather here is fantastic, it gets hot during the day and it’s really nice when in the evenings it starts getting colder again. It’s almost always sunny and the landscape is nice too – it’s awesome to see mountains and palm trees in the background throughout the day. Time is flying by and the summer will be over quickly. We can’t wait to see everyone back home but until then we will all do our best!
We hope everything is nice in Estonia as well and that you had a lovely Midsummer Night’s Eve!
Warm greetings to everyone!
Astrit, Karina, Lauma, Liene E, Liene G, Liisi, Margarita, Mari
Liisi Jantra org w02