Lauris Plume’s org in Pennsylvania

Here are some funny stories from Champions group that happened in this week.
Tadas got into funny situation that 10 kids were following him door to door. One was carrying bookbag, another was knocking on the door, and when the door opened and Tadas started his approach, the kids would shout: ‘He’s selling kids books!’ Some approaches were ruined, because people would imediately say: ‘Not interested’, but the pre-approach was awesome, because the kids new every house on the street!
Justas got an interesting sit-down. He went into the house with dad, and there was a highschool girl sleeping on a couch in front of TV. TV was turned on and it was around 14:00 in a day time. Dad was shouting to her, but she wouldn’t wake up. He thought she was only acting, so he started to shake her. She didn’t wake up! Justas got scared a bit, but after few minutes she finally woke up. And then bought a full set!