Jana Schmidt Oregonis

Week 6.

This week we had lots of fun! Half of the summer is already over and we are doing good! We are working HARD (not hardly), we are fighting with the heat, and we are meeting lots and lots of different moms. We had many funny situations happening to us this week. For example Katri and Jana saw a baby with 6 toes, Mihkel and Dawid played with someone else’s football. Lee and Sigrit have fun at their home – hostfamily is always making something to eat and Sigrit is always beating Lee in her sleep. Liis saw a family who invited her in, and dad wanted to come and visit her in Estonia ;)C:\Users\Katri Helen\Desktop\SSL28918.JPG

Boys enjoying each others company.. young love. Dawid: We are happy together!!

Generally – WE ARE AWESOME! 

 Jana w06 3