Liisi Jantra’s org in California

We’ve had an awesome week! It flew by so fast and we had lots of fun. Last Sunday we visited Bodega Bay and saw the Pacific Ocean. We walked by the coastline and enjoyed the gorgeous view. This Sunday we’re meeting in Petaluma, a town not far from Santa Rosa. We are all excited about eating at Olive Garden – an Italian restaurant where you can have a 3-course meal for a really good price and the servings are huge! It’s a good thing we don’t have time to go there every day! We are having lots of fun on the bookfield, meeting amazing people and working really hard. The weather has been lovely too! It feels like being in paradise!
We hope you’re having a good time in Estonia as well!
Astrit, Karina, Lauma, Liene, Liisi, Margarita, Mari
Liisi w06