Liisa-Maria org Supernova Kansas Citys, Kansases

Hola from Supernova!
Congratulations to us, first week is done and mission “Success coin” completed by half of the org. Big-big aplaus goes to our managers Birgit, Marko, Chris and to Firstyears Sirelin, Anette, Rait. Parents, you can send them lots of kisses and hugs 🙂 And parents of the others – your kids will need even more kisses and hugs, as next week they will run for the Success Coin as well!
And now about the previous week. Would you like to guess how many of different nationalities families have we met here? 😀 For example, we have met families from Spain, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, Finland, China, Iraq, India, Norway. Pretty much, right? And it is very cool actually, we like it. And it seems that don’t only we have funny accents here 😀
On a Sunday meeting we went to CiCi’s Pizza and ate approximately 6-7 different types of pizzas – that’s real American experience. They have here even sweet pizzas 😛 Can you imagine that? Also we went to the park and had fun there: we tried to make a pyramid. It was a bit small, but still, good for beginners. We have 11 weeks left to develop our skills 😉 we will try to do bigger one as well.
That’s it for week nr. 1. Stay tuned!
Supernova (Liisa-Maria, Darja, Birgit, Anette, Liisi, Anastazja, Sirelin, Chris, Marko, Vahur, Allan, Rait)
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