Liisa-Marias org in Kansas, w04


Soooo, already 1/3 of the summer is over! Times flies faster and faster every day.
This week was a bit different because of the Independence Day 🙂 it was pretty funny day. Many of us got a lot of good stuff to eat from families and lots of invitations for celebration parties. Also americans spend so much money on fireworks, we wish they spent all this money on books 😀 but OK, actually firework was amazing and very-very beautiful.
And about Sunday – today we went to the zoo and made some cool pictures with giraffes, elephants and pink flamingos. But parents and friends, do you know why flamingos are pink? 😛 We know! And we won’t tell you 😀 you have to find by yourself!
Also today we had alumni speaking on our Sunday meeting – he was selling books for 6 years 30 years ago. He gave us very motivational speech and lots of good tips and important things to remember 🙂 thanks for that!
But that’s it for today. See you next week again!

Supernova (Liisa-Maria, Darja, Birgit, Anette, Liisi, Anastazja, Chris, Marko, Rait)

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