Liisi Jantra’s org in West Virginia w 1

So week one has ended and it’s time to recap some things.

Mari-Liis and Ruta live in lovely Charleston in a hotel where they can take some jam and honey from the breakfast place. The hotel has been a  place where we get the food to put to our lunchboxes. So being resourcesful just helps cut down on some fixed expenses since we haven’t found a host family yet. In their working territory there are deers that are pretty brave. So when Ruta sat down to eat her lunch, she didn’t expect to get company by one of them. The deers there are as common as squirrels who travel by climbìng the electric cords.
Dagnis, Einars and Miks live and work in Bluefield where they have by now found themselves a host family and some bikes. In fact, it seems that they have already manage to break one bike. Well, it is still first week, so let’s see how it progresses…. Miks discovered a man who lost a bet and now walks the streets of Bluefield with a tattoo of a penis on his shoulder. Dagnis met a men who didn’t have any kids but still got the books because he wanted to refresh his knowledge. It seemed like he was a real horder because there were books everywhere.
Liene and Barbara are working in Huntington and they have found themselves 3 families who would like to host them. You go girls! Also it seems that the good might play with some shady dices because the girls got their bikes broken the same day! And they got it fixed in the same place as well. What are the chances…
Liisi and Margo are working hard. Liisi is roaming the hilly desolate places with her red bookmobile and Margo got herself a bike to travel the ever lovely landscape of West-Wirginia, still wild and wonderful. Margo met family who has flying squirrels and on Saturday she got a new pair of nike air shoes, because hers where wet and people are giving her money just because she is cute 😀