Liisi’s org in West Virginia w 2

Hey! Second full week is over! Each of us have some good and funny stories to share! This week has been rainy but I can see clearly now the rain is gone!

Ruta and Mari – Liis has moved in host  family on west Ave with wonderful lady Elizabeth Young. She seems so nice and lovely like our own grandmother. She even both the books from us! This week Mari – Liis got her bike stolen and then she found it again.
Liene and Barbara had awesome week – Barbara got attacked by 7 chihuahuas and the owner had all together 27 cats and 7 dogs but whats interesting about it – he could all the names of these pats! Liene gave one person the wrong business card with Kristaps on it. Later she get it back and changed it.
Miks forgot to close the car’s windows and it started to rain so car get wet and pit bull torned his shorts.Einars met some funny military guy who checked his hart rate during handshake. He also met family who had chickens and own growned vegetables even if they lived in city. Dagnis got the BLUE LIGHT award – police came and asked for his passport. And.. guys moved out from host family back to hotel this week.
 Liisi never gives up! To get her 30 demos she went to McDonalds and took a milkshake. She knew that lady will ask what is she doing with this book bag. And she did her demo to lady who worked there. Guess what- she bought the books! And Margo felt from bike. It was not that bad but people thought that she must go to emergency room.
We met our first hights and lows this week. But we are ready for next week to make it the best week!
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