Liisi’s org in West Virginia w 3

Hi, this week was full of adventures. Will start with rommates Liene and
Liene met a family who have 19 dogs and 9 cats and she has an opportunity
to met another family who didn’t even want to know who is she, they just
start conversation with:” hi, come in, we have a dinner.”
Lets continue with Barbara, this week for her was really interesting. At
the first time when she bought a bike, it looks pretty cool, but after the
week it was broken, but thats ok, these girls have really good host family
and host dad get the bike fixed in a service. Everything would be very
good, if after the week wouldn’t happen the same thing. So after second
time we decide to change bike to the new one. The funniest of all this, the
next day Barbara decide to work a bit longer time, and when she was on the
way home, her chain was broken! It was 10.30 pm, she has no phone, in all
houses lights is off, and there is nobody outside. Fortunately she found a
family, eating in taco bell, but they was super nice and drive her home.

Ruta-she met a man which house is like a robot. It turn on and off lights,
TV, it reads news and it can make a shopping list. Ruta had some luck as
well. This week she met an awesome woman Margaret who bought some books for
her grandkids, but next day her husband found Ruta and bought silver
advantage for their neighbours kids, becouse they cannot afford it.
Rutas rommate Mari-liis, just week ago she got flat her bicycle tire, so
with this girl you don’t have to wait long time, to get the secont tire
flat again.
Boys, will start with Einars. Some days ago his rommates bicycle was
stolen. What is really funny, that he has a sitdown with family with a lot
of kids and when he go from this house to another one, he saw this
rommates bike!
Dagnis has really short story, but it is enough! – He met a lesbian couple
and both was Jennifers! 😀 on the question why Dagnis always met people
like this, Einars told that he is homosex magnet!
Miks-he approached an old man who has prostheses and during approach that
man try to put these prostheses inside and out and all the time he was
playing with his teeth. The best thing that food was still in these
protheses, so we all can imagine how good it looked like. Also he almost knock down the doe.

Margarita-she mat a cool man who was salesman for 25-30 years and he gave
Margo a book -GO FOR NO.

And just in case.. you to know- NEVER EVER keep broccoli in your bag more
than 2 days! When it rotten it stink really bad.


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