Liis Järvamägi org in Alabama w01

First, I tried not to worry and do what I must. On the first day of work, my lock would not open and I had to go with the bike to the gas station and ask for help. I solved this problem and went to work. Was situation when I got a very unfriendly mom who called me the Sheriff. But to my luck, they were adequate and had heard about me. So moms were :/ And I just laughed with them. I understand that things happen, some people very terrible , but sometimes are really very friendly and nice. The weather is very different, ahha, so I’m very brown . Just a bit annoying that the majority in my area no soliciting.Already 2 times to be dripping wet. Fun in General. Also met a couple of very cool guys who helped me with the bike and arrival home. Yana

We went to Church to look for a host family, where we met super nice people, and they invited us to a party after mass, there were people from the Church. It was a super residence, and we were there very interesting 😆 Jarek+Paweł + Daniel
I remember the first time I knocked on the door. And the owner of the house was closed the door in front of me, I don’t even have time to say anything. He just asked “what are you selling?”. I tried to say something, but he told me-get out. In one of my working days I worked with Liis. She loves Justin Bieber, and we went down the street where live afroamericans and listened to his song, and she joked, saying it is impossible to do so, and that can be a problem.Peep
One day I drove to the Sheriff and showed me the card Jorgen. And he told me that this is a not so good area. And advised to change it. And I also gave him my card, just in case. When I returned home, I saw a lot of suspicious characters. And they followed me. But I was lucky enough that one of the men recognized me and told everyone to leave me alone. So remember how I met Mike, he is very cool guy, he helped me a lot, gave a lot of mobile numbers and a lot of water. Eric
I was lucky enough not to run into the police. And the best part is that I very quickly found HQ. So nice to meet with many good families. One day I worked with Eric, and we met a mom who sent us to her brother. By coincidence, it turned out that he’s the Sheriff. And we are  much worried, because we not yet received a work permit. By happy coincidence, it was a pretty cool guy. He was just relaxing, drinking a beer and was friendly. I had to return home in the evening because my battery died. And I had to search your house without a map and no idea where it is. I was a very long time, saw a large building, focused on it. It was very dark, and I had to Wade through the backwater. It took about an hour. But everything turned out successfully. Overall, I really like the area where I work because there is wonderful architecture. Jörgen
For me summer has just begun. I really liked when I worked with the guys who learned from me. Liis
I was approaching a man, older one and he was suspicious. I did my 1 approach and 2 also door demo. Suddenly I noticed a boy next to the  window moving an umbrella ready to fight them his father. I understood the situation and left. Crazy people. Maybe next week will be better. Neil
I met a guy, funny that he was smaller than me, but it turned out that he is 25, said I’m almost 22, and I hugged me as a sign of brotherhood . Daniel
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