Liis Järvamägi org in Alabama w02

I was doing a demo to the father with twins and the little one was taking Paweł to play with him and watch some fairytales. When the dad was catching one son the other one was running from him.
This is Eerik
I met granmother, who has got 4 grandchildren and son Eerik- nice to me to you Eerik; met nice mom and she is grandmother to, who has got 4 kids and 15 grandchildren, she is very friendly
I was doung callbacks and when i gane back from one street then one gradpa asked me if i am lost, because he tought that i was looking for girl on that street and when i was comeing back. and then we did cople of jokes and i showed the books and then i went on.
I met a really cool mum. I wanted to make a really good connection with her. I asked what job will you do? She said I work as a bartender. And I said singing so that song: “Hey bartender.” Suddenly she laughed and later she was really into to these books. Unfortunately she didn’t bought because her children were too old and many were in college. Also there was a sign on her car. “I love you mama!”
I had police on wednesday. Had 4 flat tires during the week. I got lost and ended up workin Eerik’s turf for a while 🙂 got a new bycicle. Moved into new HQ. Used laundromat for first time. Found a dad with 13 kids. Worked hard and got success coin and SD
One woman had a great admiration for Europe. And she said she wants to visit Estonia. And she asked me if she could stay with me. I said Yes, of course you can sleep in my bed.
It was sit down with Teresa. And I’m her family homeschool. She played the piano performance and song it was the most awesome thing in my week;)
Talked with one mom. And her child was so active and he just wanted to show me what he can do. Tried so hard that he fell down the stairs.
Met the Egyptian. He was already in old age. He deals with rental houses. And also said that he still has a house in Egypt. And if I’m ever in Egypt, he will be glad to see me in his house.