Liis Järvamägi org in Alabama w06


Companions send greetings from Alabama and Florida. We have some cool time here. It’s hot and humid. The week went by quick because we had something good to do: helping families with education and building the caracter and skills that will help us in the future, too.

Some points from our week. Liis had fun in the countryside. She signed up many people who were going to the 10th grade in Milton High School and they recognised each other. Met a mom from Dominician Republic. Also what was cool that there was some time when she didn’t find any families at home and it went a bit hard, too, but since she kept going then ahe managed to find some cool families and sell, too. That’s the whole point, right?

Jörgen had some fun, too. Funniest was when one mom Glenda Pace gave him a „magnesium drink“ which was accidentally some drink that was ment to ease teh digestion and he needed to visit a toilet multiple times a day. As a architecture major he really enjoyed working in the „high brick“ area where are big and fancy houses that expose different styles of architecture. He also met some really cool moms in this area which was also near the beach. Pensacola is cool.

Jarek was working in Alabama this week and he saw a lots of animals there. He saw a bunny in the bushes and the family who was living there told that this is its home there though it was a wild animal.

Eerik met one dad who taght him how to handle dogs. Also he confused a daughter and a step mom on the door, because people in here look pretty young. He also met one family, who got the SW books 1987 and was surprised that there is a boy selling books in America.

That’s quick overview of our week. On Sunday we had some fun in Polish guys Head Quarters. We were grlling some hotdogs and swam in the pool when it was even raining. In Alabama we have no rain, we only have liquid sunshine!

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