Liis Järvamägi org in Alabama w07

Week 7 was great week because the award was free ice cream on Sunday. We had a great week and enjoyed a great Dairy Queen ice cream cups!

Liis was working in two cities this week and met a lot of teachers and learned about school area. Moms are really nice and help me out. She also went to follow Lithuanian bookman in Jasper Alabama and had a chance to stay in alumni’s house for a night. She met a lots of families and proved that hard work and consistency workes out.

Jörgen is famous in his are already, people are waving and one guy greeted him „Hey, how are you doing Jorgen“. He is great at maintaing the work effort and finding out the ways.

Jaroslaw wa sworking on bike this week, so it was new experience again over couple of years working with car. He got a new car last weekend, fixed it and got to work with it. Coolest mom was Melinda from Poland, she knew couple of words in polish still.

Eerik had a busy week also working. He met one guy Randy, who has been selling books for two years in USA. They sell different books and they showed what they are selling right now. One mom Jane was middle school techer and she felt that these books we are selling will definitely help families in the area, too.

Sunday was cool, because we went to the Naval Aviation museum in Pensacola which had dozens of military aircrafts and exponents, went to swim in the ocean on the sand with white soft sand in sunshine and finally got a large cup of ice cream of our own taste. This is the life! Work hard play hard, next week is going to be awesome!