Liis Järvamägi org Alabamas w08

We had a great week!

Eerik met Liis’s customer from two years ago. Liis was working in Utah then and they moved from there. That’s pretty unique, what are the odds, right.

Liis was working in two counties, had fun in the countryside and met many people from Europe.

Jörgen realised this week that people are like mirrors: how you act and expose yourself, this is how people are answering. So he was confident and chill and people liked to be around him.

Jarek had fun on bookfield, too, he met lots of home schooling families and teachers. Education is super important in this area and lots of parents are doing home schooling.

On Sunday we went to the Fort Pickens castle and Pensacola beach (can’t get enough from it!) Just getting ready for the next week to rock!

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