Liis Järvamägi org in Alabama

2017 Liis w09 1Weekly Blog w09

Week starting on the 31th of August was the Apple Sweepstake one. We were all super excited and ran off with full confidence, hoping to win some cool Apple gadets. During the week we got some cool cold rainstorms and some hot sun as well – like always. Got to love Florida! We also had a bunch of fun:

For Jörgen, he found a dad that wanted the cookbook. He also had some cool places where dads were really protective and who were pretty chill and fun as well. Found a mom who had a baby on her 28th week of pregnancy. Was working in pretty nice area with big houses and also the usual subdivisions. In the beginning of the week he also met a retired college teacher who used to be a spy against russians.

For Jarek, he met a really cool Elementary School principle. He enjoyed talking to him because he has both the teacher part and the parent part of education. He also mistook a wife driving with husband on the passenger side for a dog.

For Liis, she met a guy who was cheering for baltic countries in 1989 when we were getting independent. She met a grandmom who was really motivational and said that you have to work at what you love not where you get paid more. She also saw a guy who knows her host mom, he used to live near the place. He actually remembered how the house looked like 11 years ago where Edna used to live.

For Eerik, he found a dad with 4 dogs who were 1, 2, 5 and 10 years old. The dad was telling that if the dogs were kids he would get the Plantinum set of kids books. He also saw a mom who was really cool, cleaning up the house and showing Eerik different rank badges from the military. And seeing a family who was remodelling their house and had no space at all in there so he only had a really small part on the table to show the books.

So that was our week, pretty busy and full of different people.