Liis Järvamägi org Alabamas w11



How crazy is that, it was already 11th week on book field, which is so funny place.


Liis saw lots of people who already have the Southwestern books and nine of them she met on Saturday. She had a chance to go back couple of summers and draw paper map because her tablet got wet too bad and didn’t work any more. Otherwise she is drawing a map in Sales Rabbit application. Fun! She also met a mom whose husband has his disc golf business and he is shipping those to Estonia pretty often.


Jarek met a mom whose 1,5 year old daughter tried to bite her all the time. The mom was telling cool stories about Japan where she is from. He also saw a pretty pink car and then a serious bearded guy came out of it 😀 It was his wife’s car by the way.


Eerik have had lots of friends among dogs and families. She met a mom who is retired marine and police officer. One police officer gave him a radio which he could speak with police officers directly. She also sat down with cool mom Sarah, who has a big family and she is home schooling to give better education to his kids.


Jörgen went by the speedometer with his bike on the street and it measured his speed, it was 15 mph. When he had a sitdown with one mom outside her daughter locked her out.


Pretty much cool stuff happeend and we helped many families with education in our area. Next week will be the last full week so we are going to keep up the good work and finish strong!

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