Liis J org in Alabama w12



Our 12th week was great because we had the eclipse on Monday. It was big deal here and in school they even cancelled a school lessons and watched together. Jörgen really liked watching it. He even gave his eclipse glasses to some people so they could see that, too. Liis had a cloudy day so she

didn’t see the moon crossing the sun.


Liis met one mom who saw Jörgen and Eerik in Mobile selling books and another who saw them in Pensacola. She even ate a dinner with a family for the first time. She met many cool people who already have the books in their family. It was really fun sitting down with different families. Everybody has their experiences to share and everybody is really into education!


Jörgen met a dad who used to date one Estonian girl Tanja from Kohtla-Järve for 7 years.


Jaroslaw saw cool airplanes F22s doing tricks in the sky.


Eerik met a mom who was nurse and dad is military. Education was important for them and kids were friendly. He did one sit down in car when it was raining. Fun stuff!


Alrighty, next week we will have four more days to work and then we’ll go tripping to New Orleans and Panama city beach to meet other book people too. Then we head back home. See you soon!

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